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About us

Modern, patient-oriented and innovative – that’s BeyondEye. The health of your eyes is at the center of everything we do. To this end, we are constantly educating ourselves, specializing and offering you the most modern practice equipment. So that you can always see the beauties of this world with your own eyes!

Our BeyondEye values

The reception area of the BeyondEye practice in everyday practice

Modern: Our practice in beautiful Cologne-Bayenthal was newly opened in 2022. With practice, our philosophy and actions now show externally. Modern, inviting and anything but a cold medical office. Between cozy furnishings, lots of green plants and relaxing background music, a doctor’s visit at BeyondEye doesn’t feel like one at all. Our in-house operating room is also located directly next to the practice. Here we mainly take care of cataracts and perform the so-called IVOMs, a macular treatment.

Patient-oriented: You as a patient are our top priority. Because eye health is a matter close to our hearts. We want you to feel comfortable, in good hands and, above all, well treated. That’s why at BeyondEye, we value highly trained practice staff, a beautiful environment, and top-notch treatment. So you can be sure: With us you and your eyes are in the best hands – because:

Innovative: Standstill is the greatest enemy of medicine. Even though we are top trained female doctors and orthoptists, we want to keep up with the times. To this end, we not only regularly attend training courses, but are also part of the innovation ourselves. To this end, we are conducting studies ourselves as Beyondeye, such as therapy with VR glasses. This allows us not only to examine and treat you according to the latest standards, but also to offer you the latest treatment techniques.

We – who is that actually?

A portrait of the BeyondEye team

The center and heart of BeyondEye is Doctor-medic Roxana Fulga. She is the founder of the practice: “That I became an ophthalmologist is fate. I met the right people in the right place at the right time who awakened my passion for ophthalmology and opened doors for me. That was the best thing that could have happened to me. Starting BeyondEye was an affair of the heart, and my daughters, in particular, motivated me.” With this attitude, Doctor-medic Fulga has built up a practice team around her that shares and passes on her attitude to ophthalmology. Next to her, Doctor-medic Andreea Daniela Vrancea is there for you as an ophthalmologist. You will also be treated by our orthoptists Stella Krüger, Frauke Decrouppé, Simona Pizzicotti-Münch and Yvonne Mauritz in our vision school.

You can find out more about our entire team here.

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