Our orthoptists

BeyondEye currently has four orthoptists on staff in the vision school to serve you. Thus, we can guarantee the best care for our patients every day.

The main task of our orthoptists is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of strabismus, visual impairment, eye tremor and eye movement disorders. As part of their job, they test vision, examine eye position and binocular cooperation. The complaints of our patients who visit our vision school include complaints regarding strabismus, complaints of double vision, eye muscle paralysis, reduced vision in one or both eyes, eye-related head misalignment, eye tremors, headaches, and reading disorders.

Our orthoptists care for patients of all ages. As a precaution, mainly children of infant and toddler age are examined. However, the growing demands on vision are increasing the number of adolescents and adults with visual disorders or complaints that are sometimes not initially attributed to vision at all. Examples include discomfort with VDU work, perceptual disorders, and dyslexia.

In addition to these primarily classical areas of work, our orthoptists are also active in other specific areas of work, e.g. in the diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of visually impaired patients of all ages (low vision), patients with visual impairments following brain damage due to an accident or stroke, and in the orthoptic care of children and adolescents with developmental abnormalities.

Orthoptist Stella Krüger (currently on maternity leave)
Orthoptist Frauke Decrouppe
Orthoptist Yvonne Mauritz
A portrait by Simona Pizzicotti-Münch, orthoptist at BeyondEye
Orthoptist Simona Pizzicotti-Münch
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