Color sense test

There are two types of color vision deficiencies: congenital and acquired. Affected persons often notice such a disorder of color vision either by themselves or a color vision test or a color sense test should be performed before starting certain professional trainings (for example pilot or policeman). The most common color vision disorder is red-green deficiency.

The color sense test at BeyondEye

The different panels for checking a red-green weakness

To test for red-green deficiency or blindness, we perform the Ishihara test in our practice. This consists of several color panels with different color circles. Shown are numbers or patterns. There are color plates that people with red-green deficiency cannot recognize. Conversely, there are also test panels that can exclusively detect people with red-green weakness. If the exact extent of a color vision defect is to be determined in the case of expert opinion questions, a further examination using an anomaloscope must be performed during the color vision test.

Good to know

What is an anomaloscope?
The anomaloscope is a device used in ophthalmology to determine the extent of color vision defects. It is also used in color sense testing. During the examination we will fade in a color in the device and askyou toto remix the color according to the reference shown on the device. A so-called anomaly quotient is calculated from the ratio between the color you mixed and the reference color. This must often be specified for expert opinion questions.

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