Fluorescein angiography

What is fluorescein angiography?

Fluorescein angiography is an imaging technique used to examine the back of the eye. A dye is administered intravenously which, after a few seconds, makes it possible to take a closer look at the blood vessels at the back of the eye. This allows us to detect pathological changes in the eye at an early stage. Prior to treatment, you will be given special eye drops to dilate your pupils so that the outer areas of the retina can be viewed more clearly. If pupil dilation is not possible, we can also take a picture of the outer retinal areas using a wide-angle camera, which is available for you at BeyondEye. Using a special camera, a series of serial photos are now taken, which make it possible to analyze the blood flow to the eyes and the condition of the eyes. The examination usually takes hardly more than five minutes, since after this time the dye in the eye is already broken down again.

What are the risks and side effects of fluorescein angiography?

In rare cases, the administered mydriatic or intravenous dye may cause intolerance reactions in the body. These may be noticeable as nausea, dizziness or skin reactions. In the event of an allergic reaction, circulatory shock may also occur. Furthermore, the eye drops administered have the potential to cause a glaucoma attack. Yellowing of the skin and urine occur regularly after the examination and are not a cause for concern. Serious complications are extremely rare with the vascular imaging procedure (angiography). Fluorescein angiography is one of the routine examination procedures in ophthalmology in Germany.

Important to know

Due to the pupil-dilating drops, patients have limited vision for several hours after the examination. Therefore, they are not allowed to actively participate in road traffic. Operating heavy machinery and performing hazardous tasks are also prohibited. It is best to have someone pick you up at the doctor’s office after the exam and take you home. 

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