Gonioscopy is an examination method to examine the chamber angle in more detail. If the chamber angle is particularly narrow or blocked by inflammatory processes, the aqueous humor can no longer drain properly. The result is an increase in intraocular pressure. Therefore, gonioscopy should be performed in the presence of certain underlying diseases and suspected narrow chamber angle.  

What is the chamber angle? 
The angle of the chamber is the drainage area for the aqueous humor inside the eye. It is limited in its width – anteriorly by the posterior surface of the cornea and posteriorly by the anterior surface of the iris.  

The implementation of gonioscopy

A gonioscope is held up

For gonioscopy, the ocular surface must be anesthetized with eye drops. Then a small examination glass – the gonioscope – is placed on the surface of the eye. Depending on whether changes in the ventricular angle are present or not, further therapy must then be planned: 

If the chamber angle is narrow, a YAG iridotomy can be performed. In this procedure, a laser is used to create a small circular opening at the edge of the iris. Thus, the eye water can circulate through this opening. If you have a narrow chamber angle and a cataract, cataract surgery should be performed. 

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