Ophthalmological reports

Expert opinions at the ophthalmologist are usually several and for certain questions specific examinations, which are carried out and documented in a standardized form. Among the most common are driver’s license certificates, which are required, for example, to drive trucks (over 3.5 tons) or to transport passengers. However, some employers also require that a VDT workplace examination be performed.

For all this and other examinations, we are here for you with our team around Doctor-medic Roxana Fulga. You can have the following ophthalmological examinations performed by us:

  • Driver’s license eye test for all classes
  • Driver’s license appraisal for all classes (initial issuance and renewal)
  • Expert opinion for the pleasure boat license
  • Airworthiness examination
  • Expert opinion for obtaining blind person’s allowance or benefits in case of profound visual impairment
  • Aptitude tests (police, fire department)
  • VDU workplace examination
  • Occupationally required ophthalmology certificates for employment examinations for all occupations.
  • Preparation of trade association reports after occupational accidents treated by us
  • Social medical reports (commissioned by pension insurance institutions)

What is the process of an ophthalmological opinion?

A patient at BeyondEye looks through a device during an ophthalmology evaluation

Depending on the examination, several examinations are usually performed. With these we check the function of the eyes. This is followed by a survey of the organ findings by the ophthalmologist. Such studies include:

  • An eye test with and without correction
  • An examination of the visual field
  • A test of the mobility and interaction of the eyes, examination for double vision.
  • A color vision test
  • The test of twilight or contrast vision
  • A measurement of the glare sensitivity
  • An examination of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye on the slit lamp

At the end of a report, we discuss all findings with you in detail. Afterwards, we will give you a certificate of the tests performed, if you have passed all the tests according to the regulations of the respective expert opinion.

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