Testing of contrast and twilight vision

A contrast or twilight vision test is often performed as part of ophthalmologic driver’s license evaluations. Here we test the recognition of visual cues in a dark environment. First without glare, then with glare. Depending on the driver’s license class, there are certain requirements for contrast and twilight vision set by the German Ophthalmological Society. These can be accurately documented by us. Opacities of the cornea or lens, diseases of the optic nerve or retina, and uncorrected refractive errors can cause impaired contrast and twilight vision. For this reason, the eyes are always examined in detail for existing diseases during an expert opinion.

Specialized information on contrast and twilight vision

You can also read more detailed information on contrast and twilight vision testing in this overview from the German Ophthalmological Society or in this brochure on driving fitness assessments for road traffic.

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